Welcoming book number 5 .. my autobiography & 3 inspirtational womens journey`s to becoming body confident..

150 pages of life welcome to my first serious book which also has my hand illustrations inside along with my be body confident photos of body painting. This book was not easy to write the struggles I have had the battles I have been through to get my life to where it is today. 

This book is here to help as many as it can reach.. I always found it hard to be myself being told I would never be good enough, I would never make anything of myself. I am here to show you no matter how hard life seems, no matter if you're told you will be nothing always follow your own path. 

Never let anyone tell you different we are all important, and we all need love we should always follow our dreams and never let them go! That is what I have done today I can stand tall and proud of who I am. I am a mother,  friend, sister and girlfriend, I am reaching the stars and have the love and support around me never be afraid to be you..

Could not be prouder of my new book this time its serious.. never give up dreaming

To the women in my life...

To the women in my life,

This book has been made so that you all can take a look; I am writing this to each of you because you have always believed in me too. I am finally me, and the art in this book will help you see life can seem hard at times, I sure hope this rhymes. I am who I was meant to be it took quite some time to finally see, I am loving life and enjoying every moment to the full and each one of you help me stand tall.

I would not be the woman I am today because you certainly showed me to let nothing stand in my way, I love each and every one of you in your own unique ways. I feel we help one another brighten up our days, here is to you all and thank you for showing me to stand tall. Always remember to be you because it will always help you to shine through, you all mean so much and to finish off here is my artistic touch.

Story books for children.. & art therapy books & for women and girls.. All hand illustrated

I would like to welcome you to my other book, B`s magical adventures which will take you on a journey to find mystical creatures.. dragons, fairies or find treasure with pirates. Or why not read The adventures of B! that teaches children about nature and the seaside..

Then we have my art therapy books one for children and one for women and young girls, we all struggle and can not find time to ourselves. Well, this book will help us get lost in learning about colours and who they can help our emotions. And sit and relax whilst leaving the world behind you and just to be yourself.. art has always been a passion I have created the books and the therapeutic packs to help others to express who they really are. 


My other work..

Story books for children and art therapy books for women.. theraputic products for women and children