I am proud to announce that for the first time this year.. I have won my first award for the year for being the Artist and Illustator of the year for London and Southeast. Which is very exciting and i could not be prouder of my work and thank you to those who supprot that to.

Coming 3rd as runner up for this award .. what a lovely achievement. For 2021 that's our 5th awards for the year , can't wait to see what 2022 brings x

Celebration the awards night with a lovely friend, was such an wonderful night so much to celebrate.

Collecting my certificate for being a finalist

What a lovely way to be ending the year for the rose gold gallery/be body confident campaign.. another proud moment what wonderful achievements I have had this year.

Celebrating the kent business awards 2021 at Ashford International Hotel I might not have won but even being a finalist is still amazing. What a wonderful year it has been.

Made a finalist to the Centre of Excellence 2021.. winners will be told at the end of December very exciting times for the campaign.

A finalist in the maidstone awards in Kent 2021 .. wish us luck winners will be announce soon! very exciting time for the be body confident campaign.

Recieving a Honourable Mention For this Global Mothers Business award.. 2021

I feel so excited to be a finalist for this global business award.. 2021

Winning my first business award at the age of 29..

Collecting my award..

CEO handing my award to me.

Winning Author of the year 2021 London & southeast

Sharing my award with my children..

Being a featured encourager on world pulse...

World Pulse

Another group for women to join globally.. I joined in December 2020 the support has yet been amazing, putting my stories to share with women all over the world. I become a featured encourager worldwide for the support and work I was sharing, helping other women to be their best. 

I took a lot of steps to become the woman I was always meant to be groups like this brought me out, to be more confident at stepping out into the world. We all empower one another we all support and guide each other, always be your best it will help the rest. 


my profile and stories.. https://www.worldpulse.com/my-pulse/profile 

Becoming a woman Ambassador for Women empowering Women

Women Empowering women Ambassador

WEW is a wonderful networking group where women from all over the world come together, and support one another, we network, we support and we give so much to others when we can. I become an ambassador last September 2020 which I love the role I always try and put into my work to supporting women which I have done globally for the last few months. 

I am proud to support WEW and its building every day helping women to step out and be themselves in business and in life. 

Here is the website, please visit and support us https://womenempoweringwomen.co.uk/ 

Here is my profile please visit https://womenempoweringwomen.co.uk/ambassadors/charlotteralph

Thank you x 

Acheieving my art therapy diploma, 2020