My story ..

Hi, My name is charlotte from the Uk, I am a single mum of 3 children 2 boys and a girl, I am a children's author I have 4 books under my name which are for children and women, one about teaching children about the importance of nature, one about mystical creatures, dragons, mermaids etc..

I have also created art therapy packs around these books which brings me to the other two books, which are an art therapy book for girls, teenagers, and women and one for children of both genders. The packs were created they have positivity cards for women, emotion cards for children, arts and crafts emotion sheets.

Most of all teaching children the love of art and being able to be themselves and encouraging creativity. But before this.. life has not been easy it has been a pure struggle and only to this point at 29 has it just got better.. as a child I didn't have the nurturing support of my mother, at the age of 9 I was sexually abused up to the age of 14, suffered from self-harm, at 15 I went into the care system for 5 years.. 19 I fell pregnant with my daughter I was in a relationship ... married him at 20, 8 years together then become physically abusive.. only once had my second child at 21.. he then left us walked out and never returned.

Then a family find took me and my children in, then was pregnant again by the time I was 22 I had 3 children all under the age of 3. 3 years into the relationship things started to change... I become more isolated from my friends..had to do everything I was told 2 years on I then realised I was in a mentally abusive relationship.

I wasn't allowed to do anything I wanted, being asked all the time where I was going.. finally, once my kids were all at school I decided I want to study at university and I did but the mental abuse becomes worse,. unbearable is the world I had sunk to rock bottom .. it was hell a  big black hole that I felt I couldn't get out of, it took every last piece of strength to walk out and leave it behind with only the clothes I had packed, I took my children to a new home.

But of course, the abuse didn't stop .. he was still controlling me it has taken almost 19 months to finally get a non-molestation order against him and trust me it has been a battle of strength and being a mum.. in the short life I have experienced sexual, mental abuse, abandonment from my mother and father .. self-harm I have had eating disorders and counselling and therapy most of my life.

How I am still sitting here I am not sure and to write this is hard but after this time I feel it's time to tell my story. The work i have created, done and want to do in a way is to show that things can be tough but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.. and being a mum helps as you have to care for little people. To date I am an ambassador for women, I am an Author, an artist, illustrator, I now work for a foster agency as a panel member helping children and carers come together.

I am studying for a business degree so that I can run my own business, which is in the making, I would also love to do lots more therapeutic work with children and women, art creativity based of course.. being ourselves and staying true to what you believe in is the best strength of all. Here I am proof... life has been so hard but I am stronger, confident and braver than ever this is my time to shine... and I wouldn't give it up for anything or anyone I want to inspire other women and show it's ok!