Celebrating the first achievement of the year... I am proud to announce I have won this award second year running this time for Artist and Illustrator of the year , for london and the southeast. A very proud moment and I can not wait to see what comes this year for the campaign.

What wonderful achievements this year.. Never thought my business would get recognised and what a year it has been, can not wait to see what next year brings.

Video time for the awards night, and for kent business awards always love to make a video.

We come 3rd place for this award , which is lovely another great achievement for the be body confident campaign.

Our 4th award this year.. winners will be decided at the end of december 2021.. its amazing to be recognised we are not even a 3 years old yet.. Wish us luck at the be body confident campaign.

I have made the final for the busines awards maidstone.. I will be meeting a jugde on monday 15th Novemeber to show my work then winners will be decided.. Wish me luck very exciting times for The Rose Gold Gallery... always believe in who you are ..2021

Recieving a Honourable Mention For this Global Mothers Business award.. 2021

Being a finalist for Author of the year for this wonderful global mothers business award 2021!!

Finally the day arrived on the 25th July 2021.. winning and collecting this amazing award thank you to everyone who supports me and my work.

Welcome to the Rose Gold Gallery

Who am I? My name is charlotte Ralph I am an artist who has always loved art from a very young age always loved making things whatever I find around me it can be made into something new. I love creativity being able to express myself through art is wonderful, and even my 3 children love art. 

I am an Author of 5 wonderful books that are for children and women too, the 5th has been made which is my life story so far with 3 inspirational women and their stories to body confidence. I have created packs around them with positivity cards, activity sheets, Art equipment included and lots more.. 

I have always had a passion for art from a very young age which I then encourage my children to be their creative best, art is such a lovely way to express who you are. Art has helped me through everything the good and positive to the sad and negative, I want to show others how art can help and to always express who you really are. 


Be body confident Campaign

I started this campaign to help reach as many people as I could, to show others that art can be used in a different way and not just on paper. With paper there are edges and it has to stay within those lines which can be quite boring, so I decided to use my body as a canvas that has lots of space. 

And mistakes can be wiped away it gave me the freedom to learn who I was but also create to my heart's content, to build up my own self-confidence and self-love. I have always struggled with my own image and I have always had a war with my body, which many of do and have done. 

I have discovered something new and wonderful and I launched my own campaign to show the world my art which has reached people all over the world. It has helped and inspired so many and being able to be putting my own body confident painting fashion show together, to help other women and men stand tall. 

I was always told to be myself because that's best of all I have an amazing support network from something that is not heard of, which is exciting. I am here braver than ever, showing you to step out into the light, show the world who you really are and together we can be shining stars. 

Love yourself, love, who you really are do not care what others think of you, be brave, sexy and always be body confident!! 


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